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Lupe [1]

The study projects are part of the core element of the program and are scheduled for the second and third terms. They are designed to provide the opportunity of practice-oriented work in small groups. Each project group deals with a research question, respectively, a planning task related to one or more of the four thematic fields which constitute the program. The topics of the projects offered differ from term to term and the tasks and questions reflect current discussions and innovations in the broad field of environmental planning. The projects present the chance to exercise and improve one’s project management skills and the capacity for teamwork which are essential for practitioners in environmental planning.

Examples of Previous Study Projects

  • Climate Change and EIA: Easy Said, Challenging Done [2] (summer term 2020)
  • The potential of protected areas for recreation and tourism: the case of Hainich and Vessertal in Thuringia - the economic perspective [3] (winter term 2014/15)
  • The potential of protected areas for recreation and tourism: the case of Hainich and Vessertal in Thuringia - the spatial perspective [4] (winter term 2014/15)
  • Perceiving Landscape: The Role of Plants and Animals [5] (summer term 2014)
  • Bayesian Networks and Environmental Planning [6] (winter term 2013/14)
  • Dealing with uncertainties in modelling the spatial competition of renewable energies [7] (winter term 2013/14)
  • Comparison of monitoring and management approaches regarding the Habitats Directive [8] (summer term 2013)
  • Equal Access to Information and the Role of EA Registries [9] (winter term 2012/13)
  • Does integration really work? The role of assessing costs and benefits in environmental policy-making [10] (summer term 2012)
  • Klimaschutz versus Naturschutz - Abwägung zwischen klimapolitischen und naturschutzpolitischen Zielen: umweltökonomische, politische und soziale Aspekte des Ausbaus der Pumpspeicherkraft [11] (winter term 2011/12)
  • Energiewende - Chance oder Gefahr für Natur und Landschaft? Potential- und Raumwiderstandsanalyse für ein Pumpspeicherwerk im Biosphärenreservat/Naturpark Rhön [12] (summer term 2011)
  • Welcoming the wind, waiting for the sun... - comparing planning of renewable energy projects in the US and Germany [13] (winter term 2010/11)
  • Adaptation of National Parks and Biosphere Reserves to Climate Change [14] (summer term 2010)

Pictures of Study Projects

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