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The Master's program is designed for maximum 20 students per term and each cohort starts together in the winter term (mid-October). Thus, application to the program is only possible in the spring with a deadline of May 15. The deadline is also published by the TU on their website.

Please read this page in its entirety before starting your application. For general questions, please contact the TU Berlin Master's Service Center.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions regulations have been amended in 2017. Please find the new regulations on the TU Berlin main website.


In order to be eligible for the Master's program you have to meet the following requirements as regulated in the Regulations for Admission and Selection (2017) for the Master Environmental Planning:

  • Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor or Diplom) from a recognized university in one of the following fields:
    • Ecology and Environmental Planning (├ľkologie und Umweltplanung)
    • Ecology (├ľkologie)
    • Environmental Planning (Umweltplanung)
    • Landscape Planning (Landschaftsplanung)
    • Landscape Architecture (Landschaftsarchitektur)
    • Urban and Regional Planning (Stadt- und - Regionalplanung)
    • Geography with a focus on physical geography and geoinformation systems (GIS) (Geographie mit dem Schwerpunkt physische Geografie und Geografische Informationssysteme (GIS))
    • Environmental Sciences (Umweltwissenschaften)
    • Ecology/Nature Conservation (├ľkologie/Naturschutz)
    • Spatial Planning (Raumplanung)
    • Environmental Policy (Umweltpolitik)
    • or related disciplines

    In all programs above at least 90 ECTS from environment and planning related courses have to be completed at the time of application. These credits have to completed in at least three of the following areas:

    • Environmental/Landscape Planning
    • Environmental Assessment (Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Habitat-Regulation-Assessment, Impact Mitigation)
    • other Spatial Planning, as e.g. spatial, urban, regional planning, traffic planning, landscape architecture
    • Nature Conservation
    • Ecology
    • GIS and Remote Sensing
    • Environmental Economics/Sociology
    • Environmental Policy

    Up to 30 ECTS of the required 90 ECTS may be replaced by relevant work experience gained after having completed a study program in the listed areas.

  • English Language Skills at level C1

At least basic German language skills are highly recommended. However, there is opportunity to expand your German skills throughout the program in university German classes and of course through contact with native speakers within and outside the program.

Further information can be found on the website of the TU Berlin.

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Application Procedure

The deadline for application is May 15. Applications received after this date or applications that are incomplete by this date cannot be considered. The admission process to the Mater Environmental Planning is detailed in the Regulations for Admission and Selection 2017.

Students who have obtained or will obtain their first university degree at a German university (including TU Berlin) should apply directly to TU Berlin. All current information on the application process can be found here.

Only students who have obtained or will obtain their first university degree abroad can apply via uni-assist. Uni-assist carries out a formal preliminary check of the documents including conversion of the foreign grade into the German grading system. The costs for applying via uni-assist must be paid by the applicants. All information on applying via uni-assist can be found here.

In both cases, only digital documents are submitted.

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Decision on Admission

Complete applications are reviewed regarding the admissions requirements (undergraduate degree, English skills) after the application deadline has passed.

For further information on admission requirements including required documents for your application and questions regarding enrollment, please consult the website of the TU Berlin Master's Service Center and the FAQs.

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